about us

OGG intends to form a trade bridge between Mexican producers and Dutch suppliers to diversify ornamental products currently available in the Mexican market and in turn improve their quality. Our biggest challenge is to organize the marketing of this sector. We create a win-win situation for all parties involved: for producers, with our technical assistance that allows them to work with innovative production techniques and inputs; for suppliers who have the opportunity to expand their market and sales; and for consumers who are guaranteed a high quality product

The idea of ​​creating OGG began in the middle of the year 2015 due to the need of some ornamental producers in Southeast Mexico to expand their market and improve the marketing and commercialization of their products. Due to the lack of access to the national market their aim of maximising their production was stymied. In addition, these companies were aware of the competition and the need to work a high quality product.


That is why Abelardo Gómez and Tammo Hoeksema, founding partners of OGG, began to study the market and to travel all over Mexico to get to know the current situation of the national marketing and to find out about the most modernized producers on a national level and about their forms of commercialization.


With the studies made and the information collected nationally and internationally, a year later Ornamental Growers Group was founded by four partners from the Netherlands and Mexico.

Since then we are devoted to improving the Mexican market and our own services.


OGG is made up of personnel with long term experience in the field of production and marketing of ornamental plants.





Tammo Hoeksema




van der Veen

In the Mexican market in order to increase sales and improve the quality of this sector.​​




For production in Mexico.
Within the European countries one of our main suppliers is Holland, since it has a centuries-old experience in flower cultivation and is one of the largest producers in this sector worldwide. Therefore it offers high quality essentials to meet the strict European standards. By importing these products we guarantee our customers a better result by regularizing their production.​


of young plants

Combining the varieties of Phalaenopsis and Anthurium existing in Mexico with the new varieties developed in Holland we offer an unlimited selection in colours and shapes.​​

technical assistance to our producing providers

OGG has a specialized team in the production of ornamental plants formed by Dutch and Mexican experts.
We offer our providers in-depth knowledge of the climate and Mexican environmental conditions on the one hand and experience in Dutch technical innovations on the other hand, guaranteeing an improvement in the way of production and considerable increase in the quality of their plant.